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Al Rappa:
Touring with Bill Haley


Al Rappa recently gave us an intensive interview.

He answered questions about his music, from his roots in Philadelphia, Pa., to his recording and tour dates around the world with Bill Haley.

Click to hear about:

  1. Early influences

  2. Early bands

  3. How I met Bill Haley and joined the Comets

  4. Rumor or reality: "The Girl Can't Help It" movie

  5. Recording with Bill Haley at Decca

  6. Making movies in Mexico with Bill Haley

  7. Meeting girls in Mexico: Bill's wife, Marfa

  8. Performing on American Bandstand with Bill Haley

  9. Comets recordings for Warner Bros. label

  10. Recordings on the Orpheon label in Mexico

  11. Rooming on the road with the Comets

  12. Walking Bass in 1960's Europe; Beatles were our opening act

    12b. Bill Haley and Comets off charts, but still in the crowd's heart

  13. Al Rappa showmanship with Comets in '60s, no hits required

  14. Why I stayed with Bill Haley so long (when others came and went)

  15. Star Club in Germany: Beatles were our opening act

  16. Why I had to leave the Comets

  17. My favorite songs that I performed with Bill Haley

  18. The last time I talked to Bill Haley

  19. Memories of long-time band member Rudy Pompilli

  20. Remembering when Bill Haley died

  21. 1981 reunion of The Comets

  22. Ownership of name, "Bill Haley's Comets"

  23. My music today (still rockin')

  24. Al Rappa's future goals





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