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Al Rappa:
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BILL HALEY'S COMETS, featuring Al Rappa, "The Original Walking Bass Man."

When Al Rappa's on your bill, you're getting an original member of Bill Haley & The Comets from the '50s on. Al Rappa played on many of Haley's later recordings as well as touring with Haley throughout Europe, Mexico and the United States.

Want an authentic member of Bill Haley's band? Then please do not book imitators who never worked with Bill.

(Listen to music clips: Jenny Jenny | Al's Rock | Skokiaan or view live video)

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Al Rappa makes headlines

"Rock Around The Clock," Haley's greatest hit, has sold more than 120 million records to date and is the cornerstone of rock and roll history.

The rest is legend: 50 years and seven motion pictures later, BILL HALEY'S COMETS continue to tour the world, wowing audiences of all ages.

  • Al Rappa appears in the American Bandstand videos with BILL HALEY.

  • Al Rappa has the legal rights to the name and music of BILL HALEY'S COMETS.

  • Al Rappa continues to keep the music alive, winning new admirers worldwide while enchanting the legions of fans who grew up with this music and love it.

(l-r: Ron E. Kayfield, Tommy Vale, Al Rappa, Bob Jones, Chris Martin)
photo by Marsha Kayfield

"See ya later, Alligator!"

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